The truth about Forex robots


Have you experienced times when your EA was profitable in trending market and suddenly all the profit was taken back in a series of losses? What is the reason and HOW TO AVOID IT? Let me explain the basic principle how most Forex systems work.

They are tuned up to work in a specific market condition. They often make money in a trending market, but loose money in a choppy market. It is not a problem as long as the market is trending and the system is making more money than it loses. Such a system can be profitable for several months and you would be happy with it. BUT… PREPARE FOR THE WORST… Market change over time.

A well designed system starts with trend analysis to stay away from potentially losing trades. There are two problems of how a Forex system recognizes the trend.

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Software BTV Solo

Software BTV Solo

BTV Solo is simple software that can create rhythm with thousands of built-in sounds pre-loaded.
Many ready-made cycles make it possible to create rhythms using the mouse or keyboard.
You can also connect a MIDI keyboard to your system and use it to control everything on the BTV Solo interface.
All elements with tracks and layers other than traditional rhythm creation programs. BTV Solo combines all the controls in one window.

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Card Recovery Professional

Card Recovery Professional

Card Recovery Pro – A professional program that allows you to recover lost multimedia files – audio, music, video, from almost all digital cards.
If you use the free version, you can see the recoverable files, but you cannot restore them, and if they are so valuable that it makes sense to purchase the Pro version, you need to pay.
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We promote the online store. Keywords.

We promote the online store. Keywords.When a site is created, the first thing you need to do to promote it is to select keywords for the site and separately for each article.

Need to generate SEO website traffic.
When people search for products on the Internet through search engines, they can formulate their request in various phrases, meaning the same thing.
For example, on my site there is an article about growing grapes and if you use the online service “Serpstat”, entering the word “grape”, we get hundreds of phrases such like “grape pruning,” “buy grape seedlings,” etc.
These are the phrases by which the search occurs and are called – the keywords and all these phrases intended to enter your site are called the semantic core of the site.
Yandex and Google, analyzing these phrases, determine how relevant your store’s pages are to the requests that users enter.

A very effective tool for creating a sematic nucleus is google planner keyword.

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Create your mobile apps

APPportunity Coaching Program 2.0

Creating your own application for iPhone or Android will attract more audiences for your business. The Apploadyou website allows you to do this very simply and without coding. Store apps of any type and any product are quick and affordable, ideal for business applications. Continue reading “Create your mobile apps”

eCover Go – 3D e-book cover

Over 200 different types of covers with photoshop.
Over 200 different types of skins with Photoshop. All graphic templates are fully editable and layered. High resolution generator and several additional generators.
You can create professional graphics very quickly.
Support your business, the system will provide strong support.
eCover Go is constantly updated with new graphs and modules.
The program functions are very simple to complete the design, even for a beginner.
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