Electricity of the sun

Electricity of the sun

Today, many owners of country houses are busy looking for alternative sources.
Is it possible to create solar panels with your own hands?
It turns out that this is possible and will cost much less than contacting special companies for installing this equipment. (Here is a detailed article in Russian)
First you need to study the working principle and assembly sequence in order to build and install your own solar system.
Solar battery – a device that converts solar energy into direct current.
The solar power plant does not work effectively at night and on cloudy days, while the peak of power consumption occurs precisely in the evening hours, so you need to know how
effectively store energy for use at night.
Before starting such a serious work, it is necessary to study the quality of the materials used and their manufacturers for further reliable operation of the system.
For best results, you need to be well versed in things such as soldering and what kind of fasteners to use where and what adhesives to use.

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How to build a bird aviary

Как построить птичий вольер

Poultry is next to me and it is very pity when the bird is in a tight cage, not having the opportunity to spread its wings for flight.
If a bird flies in the fresh air and under the sun’s rays, its health is strengthened and moulting passes faster.
To create such conditions, an aviary is needed, it is better for the bird and easier to maintain than a few cages.
There are some disadvantages of aviaries that need to be considered before starting to build them.
A certain area is required in a room or on a plot.
If one bird gets sick, the rest fall into the risk group and it is necessary to isolate the patient in time and to carry out mandatory prevention of treatment of others in the aviary.
For example, for breeding parrots, each pair requires a separate cage with a nesting house.
Of course, it is quite possible to breed birds in enclosures, but in this case, it is much more difficult to provide the nesting pair with peace, proper nutrition and control over the breeding and development of offspring.
Aviaries are street and indoor.
The construction of a street aviary is much larger than indoor. The enclosure in the garden should have a floor, a roof, as well as a foundation that matches the climatic conditions.

Как построить птичий вольер

Today on the market there are a lot of options for buildings that can be bought ready-made, but it is very difficult to choose specific sizes that suit your space, especially the space of an apartment, and the price does not always suit you.
Therefore, bird lovers most often want to build their own aviary.

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Pencil Drawing Made Easy

Pencil Drawing Made Easy

In order to start drawing, you need a certain impetus for this, and most importantly, desire and patience.
The first thing you need is to take a blank sheet of paper and, for starters, a regular pencil.
Before creating art, you need to go through a special lesson on drawing certain lines and curves in a sequence that can be seen in the many courses offered on the Internet, you can choose one or use several.
You need to fill your hand in drawing parallel lines and curves, as well as learn how to create different shades,
The Pencil Drawing Made Easy step-by-step pencil course includes over 42 hours.
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Fruit and vegetable diet

More and more people are supporting the vegan diet and studying the social survey of society, it becomes clear that this is the most important trend in food today.
Millions of people, including celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, have already switched to a vegan diet.
Plant-based diet has very large advantages that are relevant in modern life:

  • Weight loss and the acquisition of beautiful forms of your body.
  • The risk of heart disease and diabetes is reduced.
  • At any age, helps in the fight against obesity.
  • Increases fiber intake.

Whole grain foods, such as cereals, nuts, and legumes, are low in saturated fats. Even plant foods high in fat (nuts and seeds, avocados) do not contain cholesterol, and the entire vegan diet does not contain cholesterol.
Studies have shown that the more vegetables and fruits we consume, the lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

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Laptop Battery Recovery

How to fix a bad laptop battery?
It turns out that this is not a complicated procedure that anyone can do with a small set of tools.
Before buying a new battery, you can spend a little time and save a decent amount of money.
If you want to know how to fix a laptop battery, almost all types, pay attention to the link at the end of the article, there you will find a new course on the restoration of all types of batteries.
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