Affiliate program

 Affiliate Program has unlimited earning potential. Just imagine – a commission of 50 – 75 percent!
With the use of unique tools, which the site has a large selection of, you can raise your profit very quickly.
Consider the main tools of affiliate advertising and their purpose.

 Ad Rotator is an incredibly profitable alternative to Google Adsense.
These types of ads are intended for those who own a blog / website. You can choose to display any type of ad formats you want to display.
Affiliate Network is for those who do not have a website / blog, but who want to promote Clickbank products.
It offers a CB Marketplace (StoreFront) indexed and searchable website.
On your ClickbankB StoreFront website with over 13,000 products, all product links are integrated and hidden under your own Clickbank ID in the background, and all money goes directly to your Clickbank account INSTANTLY.
 Niche Showcases (Partner) is an excellent opportunity to promote products for the target audience and provides a higher conversion.
In this showcase are products belonging to this niche.
Clickbank WordPress Plugin – allows you to place a store on your server, integrates very easily with your WordPress theme. Full control over the settings.
The WordPress Niche Storefront Plugin is a unique tool for hosting a niche store on your server.
You can specify in the plugin settings the code of the niche that needs to be promoted on your site.

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All detailed instructions for setting up advertising tools on the website, join and start effective work.

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