Electricity of the sun

Electricity of the sun

Today, many owners of country houses are busy looking for alternative sources.
Is it possible to create solar panels with your own hands?
It turns out that this is possible and will cost much less than contacting special companies for installing this equipment. (Here is a detailed article in Russian)
First you need to study the working principle and assembly sequence in order to build and install your own solar system.
Solar battery – a device that converts solar energy into direct current.
The solar power plant does not work effectively at night and on cloudy days, while the peak of power consumption occurs precisely in the evening hours, so you need to know how
effectively store energy for use at night.
Before starting such a serious work, it is necessary to study the quality of the materials used and their manufacturers for further reliable operation of the system.
For best results, you need to be well versed in things such as soldering and what kind of fasteners to use where and what adhesives to use.

The principle of operation of an inexhaustible source of alternative energy is as follows: sunlight enters a negatively charged panel, which leads to the active formation of additional “holes” and electrons. On the panel coated with phosphorus, there is an electric field, due to which a potential difference appears. Positively charged particles rush to the upper layer, and negatively charged particles go to the lower layer. Constant voltage is created. It turns out that one converter works like a battery. A direct current occurs in the circuit when a load is connected to it. Each battery is covered with thin copper veins that divert current and guide it as intended.
The current strength depends on certain parameters:

  • size of the photoconverter;
  • level of insolation;
    type of photocell;
  • total resistance of devices that are connected to the solar panel.
    Here is a diagram of the connection and operation of the solar station

Solar station

Such an alternative to traditional power supply is very practical. In addition, the price of the device is significantly different from the cost of electricity. Having made a solar battery for the house with his own hands, the owner will be able to optimize power consumption and thereby reduce their own monetary costs. Many people want to understand in advance how much it will cost to install solar panels for a private house. For this, it is necessary to carry out preliminary calculations, where the necessary power of the equipment and the conditions of its operation are determined.
From the calculation of the amount of energy consumed, which is necessary to provide housing, and you need to start.
The total power of all electrical appliances should be calculated taking into account the operating time per day. The resulting value is the minimum electricity requirement for a given home ownership.
An additional 20% should be added to the total electricity demand, which is spent in the batteries themselves.
The amount of solar energy falling on a separate unit area of ??the panels is called insolation, this value is individual for each region.
For example, in order to calculate the number of solar panels for a country house, you need to know the total power of the devices that the solar station will power.
If we got 1000 watts, then we need 4 solar panels of 250 watts each.
The system can be used both for power supply and for heating a country house.

heating a country house.

This is an example of connecting a solar station to a heating element of a house.
This system is used in regions where the sun shines 20 days a month, but if there is less sun, you can create a combined system and use it as an additional source of energy.
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