Pencil Drawing Made Easy

Pencil Drawing Made Easy

In order to start drawing, you need a certain impetus for this, and most importantly, desire and patience.
The first thing you need is to take a blank sheet of paper and, for starters, a regular pencil.
Before creating art, you need to go through a special lesson on drawing certain lines and curves in a sequence that can be seen in the many courses offered on the Internet, you can choose one or use several.
You need to fill your hand in drawing parallel lines and curves, as well as learn how to create different shades,
The Pencil Drawing Made Easy step-by-step pencil course includes over 42 hours.
The first two lessons are presented free of charge, for these two lessons, almost every person will feel that they have artistic abilities, as they will get acquainted with the technique of drawing with a pencil, which I had never known before.
Here are the sketches you need to learn to draw in the first lesson.

Pencil Drawing Made EasyPencil Drawing Made EasyFinishing 1 lesson, you will draw a sphere with the necessary shades, and it will not be very difficult.

Pencil Drawing Made EasySpending just 20 minutes a day for a month, you will learn to draw whatever you want. Take your pencil and start today!
Already completing the second lesson, you will create a gallery-quality picture. You must understand what you are drawing and see the tonal values ​​correctly.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy

In further steps, you need to explore topics such as fill, texture, negative drawing, and reflection.

Pencil Drawing Made EasyPencil Drawing Made Easy
In each lesson, we study the basic principles and realizing a meaningful path that will allow us to remember it forever to create a real picture.
Passing each module of the course, you need to draw a picture and after the first six modules you yourself will be surprised how much you have advanced.
When you gained confidence in drawing, having studied the basic concepts and techniques of drawing individual elements, it was time to move on to the next, higher level – to paint portraits.
Each lesson will show a separate element of the portrait.
We draw realistic eyes.
In this class you will learn how to make the eye glossy and moist, how to show it drowned in the eye socket, create realistic eyebrows and eyelashes. After completing the lesson, you can draw any eye, knowing how each element of the eye affects each other and how they connect.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy
We draw realistic noses.
This lesson will show about shades and reflections when drawing a nose. Realistic nose at any angle and light, understand the mechanics of the nose and how light affects it.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy
Draw a realistic mouth.
Learn about the realistic elements of the mouth, what to look for.
How to portray lips, shiny and white teeth with reflections on them.
At this stage, you can portray any mouth – closed, open, smiling, screaming, etc. You will understand that you are drawing, and you know where the problem areas are and how to avoid them.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy
We draw realistic ears.
Many artists avoid ear painting because they have difficulty portraying this area.
You will learn about six different areas of the ear and how to realistically depict each of them, where are the problem areas and how to avoid them.
You can depict the ear so that it is three-dimensional on the face.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy
How to draw cheeks, chins, foreheads and necks.
Many courses do not show how to tie the five basic facial features together, but we will continue and solve this problem. We learn to draw wrinkles on the forehead and a dimple on the chin.
Interestingly, if the neck is incorrectly drawn, the whole face becomes flat, regardless of how well the face is painted.
We will study one of the most important facial features – the neck, which is not mentioned anywhere in the courses.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy
We draw realistic hair.
In this course we will learn to draw straight, curly, blonde, dark hair.
You can create the impression that you drew each strand of hair without actually doing it. Create depth, sun exposure, glare on the hair.
You will learn how to make your hair not look like a wig on your head. You will understand what you need to pay attention to each person to draw any hair.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy
How to draw realistic beards.
One more course will show how to draw realistic beards.
A very simple technique is used to draw stubble, short beard, long and even show a gray beard.
Here is an example from this lesson.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy

If you went through the first two lessons, which are presented for free, creating your own drawings, I am sure you were fascinated by this and there was a desire to continue.
You can get 13 lessons, more than 26 hours and another bonus 16 hours, after studying which you can draw your friends and acquaintances. Very quickly they will look realistic, as in the photo.
You can make custom portraits and get paid for it.
Look again at what you get in this full course:
Pencil Drawing Made Easy

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