Laptop Battery Recovery

How to fix a bad laptop battery?
It turns out that this is not a complicated procedure that anyone can do with a small set of tools.
Before buying a new battery, you can spend a little time and save a decent amount of money.
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We will look at several ways to restore a laptop battery.

In laptops with removable batteries, it is much easier to restore the battery and these methods are cost-effective.
Method 1
1. Remove the battery from the laptop and wrap it in a plastic bag.
2. Put the battery in the freezer for 12 hours.
3. Remove from the freezer and clean.
4. Install in a laptop and fully charge.
If the battery does not have acid leakage and is dry, then the recovery method will be successful – you get a new battery that will last a long time. This procedure can be repeated several times.
Method 2
This method relates more to the recalibration of the laptop than to the restoration of the battery, but according to many reviews, it is also effective.
1. We charge the battery until it is fully charged, and let it work for 2-3 hours on its own with the power on.
2. Disconnect from the network and wait until the laptop is completely discharged and turned off.
3. Leave in this state for 5 hours.
4. Next, we fully charge.
This will increase battery life and improve the accuracy of charge information.
Do not calibrate lithium-ion batteries. Other types of laptop batteries, such as NiMH and NiCad, should not be calibrated more than once a month to avoid circuit damage.
Method 3
The method consists in lowering the temperature. If you purchase a cooler and put a laptop on it, then this will increase the battery life and battery life.
Method 4
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