The creation of free energy.

Thinking and studying the topic of the possibility of creating free and inexhaustible energy, we again and again come to the greatest discoveries of the 19th century made by the Serbian physicist, researcher of high-voltage electricity, inventor Nikola Tesla.
Numerous inventions indicating schemes and drawings that have remained since then still cannot be solved and put into practice by modern scientists.
The basis of new discoveries in physics was an all-pervading medium [ether], which is even mentioned in ancient writings.
Indeed, the modern expression “go on the air” indicates that it is the ether that promotes the transmission of electromagnetic radiation, and this is our broadcasting.
All the great discoveries with experimental evidence rose to a high level to a certain point.

And suddenly, everyone was silent, all of a sudden, at the beginning of the 19th century, all studies of the ether were stopped and closed. Scientists who studied ether stopped funding work, created difficulties in finding work, and closed laboratories.
Scientists who even mentioned the word ether in a conversation, despite its merits and evidence, received a label – “pseudo-scientist.”
What then happened?
Oddly enough, Nikola Tesla became the culprit of these events.
This is a scientist who experimentally found a way to get inexhaustible energy from ether. The study of energy generation and its wireless transmission from a distance. Fantastic realities for mankind were part of his ideas.
Many people know his idea of ​​lighting the sea route for ships going to sea or in the ocean, and the energy for this should have been taken from the ether, or rather from the atmosphere.
If this were to be realized, then we could interpret many mysteries of antiquity, for example, how the Egyptians carried out construction and decoration inside the pyramids without modern lighting, thanks to which force people of antiquity were able to influence gravity and move megaplates.
Tesla achieved amazing results in his research and dreamed that his inventions and free energy would be available to all people.
American industrialists funded Tesla’s ideas and research, and they had different views on the world and other goals. For them, the focus was not on the free distribution of energy, but on personal commercial gain, the creation of a consumer society.
Despite all the difficulties and oppression, scientists, nevertheless, were engaged in research of the ether energy and made quite a few big discoveries.
Relatively recently, Arthur H. Matthews’ notebook was found, in which, it seemed, there were diagrams, drawings and notes that did not make sense.
With further study of the book, it became clear that all the energy comes from a single source, which is created by an electric ball, called the Sun with a positive charge with a huge potential of more than 200 billion volts. Planet Earth is charged with negative electricity – it acts like a huge “sponge” that creates a virtual expressway for almost 48.115 megawatt-hours of electric energy

art of this unlimited resource can now be obtained using simple settings and some equipment. The most interesting thing is that this can be done easily independently and permanently reduce your electricity bill.
Thus, a tested walkthrough was created and …
The Ultimate Energizer Guide was born.
Frankly, there has never been a better time for the advent of such technology.
With rising electricity prices and “peak oil” just around the corner, this is only a matter of time before everyone will turn to alternative energy sources …

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