We promote the online store. Keywords.

We promote the online store. Keywords.When a site is created, the first thing you need to do to promote it is to select keywords for the site and separately for each article.

Need to generate SEO website traffic.
When people search for products on the Internet through search engines, they can formulate their request in various phrases, meaning the same thing.
For example, on my site there is an article about growing grapes and if you use the online service “Serpstat”, entering the word “grape”, we get hundreds of phrases such like “grape pruning,” “buy grape seedlings,” etc.
These are the phrases by which the search occurs and are called – the keywords and all these phrases intended to enter your site are called the semantic core of the site.
Yandex and Google, analyzing these phrases, determine how relevant your store’s pages are to the requests that users enter.

A very effective tool for creating a sematic nucleus is google planner keyword.

It is not necessary to create a large sematic core and you can select up to 30 queries. With a large site, you can first create keywords for a specific section.
When choosing keywords, beware of those that have many meanings, for example, a “cover” can be on the car seat and also on the phone, so you need to write a specific purpose.
Keywords should not lead to random traffic in the online store, but interested potential buyers.
You need to give preference to requests that are not looking for product information, but want to buy it.
If you have a blog where you can write an article about a product, then you can attract the traffic that is interested in the product and insert the product there using the Buy button.
On the Internet there are tens and hundreds of stores that sell goods similar to yours and they are on the first page of the issuance of them we see, gaining popular requests.
Such requests are called high-frequency, they can attract thousands of users every month.
Creating high-frequency queries requires a lot of time and budget. You can save time and money by using a powerful and popular program that finds long tail keywords. If you buy Keyword Researcher, then you will spend much less money than promoting yourself.
The program can import CSV files from the Google Keyword Tool.
Keyword selection procedure:
We write in the table all the selected phrases.
Delete replays.
Sort queries by groups.
Distribute to pages.
If the site has instructions for using the product, you can also add 2-3 information requests there. Users who come for these requests can also become customers.
If you look at competing sites with headings and highlighted words, these will be the requests for which they attract customers.
Use free Yandex Wordstat and Keyword Planner for manual search or partially paid Serpstat with automated query selection.
Enter the most high-frequency queries in the meta tags title, keywords and description. And for low-frequency ones, optimize the site pages: add them to headings and texts.


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