Laptop disassembly and repair

A laptop, as a means of accessing the Internet, is the most important device in the home.
Now the laptop is becoming increasingly popular, as it is compact, able to work offline and thanks to modern technology is not inferior to the characteristics of a stationary computer.
Many PC users have long mastered the purpose and location of parts in the system unit, creating improvements to increase the power and productivity of their machine.
It is much more difficult to perform the laptop repair, but not by so much if you know the location of the main elements and the technology of access to them, followed by dismantling and identifying the causes of failure. And maybe to increase productivity, with the replacement of blocks with more powerful ones suitable for this model.

Recently, faced with a battery problem in a laptop, I found out that there are special utilities for calibrating it, but this is if the battery has not completely lost its capacity from time to time. Many craftsmen even describe battery repair with its disassembly and replacement of individual units.
An important role is played by knowledge of the methods of disassembling and assembling individual elements, and your skills and quick wisdom will determine the willingness to perform these operations.
Having asked a laptop repair request in a search engine, you immediately see hundreds and thousands of repair shops offering their services.
But it can be very important to save not your money but your time, because the reason for a laptop failure can be so elementary that, with some knowledge, it can be eliminated in a matter of minutes.
The reasons for the repair can be quite a lot.

  • clogging of the cooling system with household garbage and (as a result) processor overheating;
  • mechanical damage to motherboards and LCD matrices of the monitor as a result of power drops or sudden surges in the network (if the laptop is used as a stationary working PC, powered from an outlet);
  • rubbing or burning out of the keyboard, touchpad and monitor loops;
  • liquids getting inside the laptop (as a result of a short circuit, it can burn anything);
  • failure of any components (hard drive, RAM, WiFi-module, etc.).

To disassemble the laptop at home, we need at least two screwdrivers: a small Phillips screwdriver for unscrewing the fixing case and parts, as well as a thin flat one for accurately opening the case.
But you also need to have certain devices and know where and how to control the voltage.
On the Internet, there are many tips for repairing various brands of laptops, but all of them are mainly narrowly aimed at a specific failure.
In addition, the need to open the laptop can also be caused by the desire to make a planned upgrade with the addition of, for example, a new RAM bar or a more powerful processor.
If you repair computers and want to increase your income, you need to learn how to repair laptops!
If you have a desire …

  • Update your current laptop instead of spending tons of money on a new one
  • Need to repair a broken part / component
  • You know how to fix desktop computers, but are too intimidated to break into the laptop case and work inside
  • Want to start your own computer repair business
  • Do not want to lay out hundreds of dollars in a repair shop for one small repair

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