Replacing a high-quality SLR camera with a smartphone

The popularity of photography in social networks is constantly growing and is one of the most promising trends.
For the sake of popularity, network users do not let their camera out of their hands, trying to capture any unique moment and even, at risk, create various stunt shooting.
It’s a shame when the quality of shooting wants to be better, especially when the photo turned out interesting and unique.
Many photographers decide that the poor quality camera is to blame and seek to acquire an expensive SLR camera.
In fact, the ultra-modern technology for creating camera phones and the use of special applications to improve image quality allows you to shoot, for example, the iPhone 3GS, which will not be inferior in quality to the photo taken with the EOS 7D ($ 1,599.00).
Professional photographer Karl Hartman, who has been studying and mastering FX and stunt photos for 25 years, claims that having a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, whatever), you already have everything you need to take to create incredible photos that will blow you away you and your friends.

Thus, knowing how to use your smartphone, you can turn it into a high-quality SLR camera and create breathtaking pictures.
The use of fashionable lighting lenses, expensive equipment and boring lectures is not required, all that is needed is a smartphone or tablet with a resolution of at least 5MP.
An evening shot of the road, which created light effects at random, suggests that it is possible to control special effects with the help of flashlights and other objects.

And create a photo like this.

Or such natural shots.

Panoramic frames that are created by most smartphones.

In this case, saturation is added.

Footage of fast motion that froze in time.

You can create many tricks and unique images even without using special programs, only knowing the sequence of their execution.
In fact, the phone you already own may even be a better camera than some high-end SLR cameras.
Carrying an impressive weight camera and attracting special attention during each shooting, the most interesting thing is that you won nothing.
Modern smartphone models have very clear and high quality images, can do almost anything like your standard DSLRs, and sometimes more.
With a “pocket” smartphone, you have freedom wherever you go without attracting attention when shooting.
Special effects are very easy to add using free applications and upload to your sites with the click of a button. No need to transfer files to a computer and mess with Photoshop.
To implement this, a complete course of 20 video trainings called “Telephone tricks of photography” has been compiled.
You will learn how to improve your “regular” shots and become a stunt photography professional.
With a few settings, you will manipulate the emotions of the viewer.
You won’t need PhotoShop because the course includes photo editing software that is almost identical.

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