eCover Go – 3D e-book cover

Over 200 different types of covers with photoshop.
Over 200 different types of skins with Photoshop. All graphic templates are fully editable and layered. High resolution generator and several additional generators.
You can create professional graphics very quickly.
Support your business, the system will provide strong support.
eCover Go is constantly updated with new graphs and modules.
The program functions are very simple to complete the design, even for a beginner.

The program is designed to create mini-sites, banners, business cards, badges, headers, mobile sites, videos, etc. There are too many of them in the list.
The program has a library of images and icons that can be used in the design.
There are many different modules for performing almost any task related to the exchange of photographs, graphs (HUGE ASSORTMENT), creating a video player and even business cards with a template. Great product and worth the investment!
You can spend a week at It is a paradise for graphic design.
eCover-Go cannot replace Photoshop, but it is close to all the features available.
In addition, there is a bonus section with free mini-sites, sites, licensed music and video loops and much more.
I advise you to buy eCover-Go to such an extent that the author has to pay for it, which is really worth the membership in eCover-Go!

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